Waterproofing Products

Waterproofing Products

Self-healing & self adjusting aquastop systems

Waterproofing products - Protective band

Our sealant systems consists of a wide variety of 100% waterproofing products. Our products can protect wall penetrations (for cables and ducts), concrete floors and basements, tunnels, dry docks, casings of pipelines through waterways, underground valve chambers for the sealing of groundwater, and harbour walls. Our system is fast and secure. The sealants can also be combined with fire proof barrier and in-tumescent materials according to and in line with the local building regulations. The sealing systems are TNO tested and rodent proof. Also there are attests of the German-T-COM and TNO. 

Product Catalogue

Waterproofing wrapping band

Wrapping Band- Base Coat

Used predominantly for waterproofing, the wrapping band is versatile as well as durable. With the non-aging properties of the product, sun and the harsh UV Rays are not a factor for it. Once applied, it can immediately be covered in a mechanical, for example tiles, tar, concrete or paint, with zero downtime from the point of application, to finally applying the mechanical.

Non-crosslinkable viscoelastic compound of 2mm thickness in a tape form which is also used to wrap piping. This gives the pipe unequaled protection from corrosion, and thus extending the life of any surface it is placed on.

CZ: <50c CZH: <70c

Waterproofing wrapping band

Wrapping band - EZ

Also used for waterproofing projects, the EZ wrapping band provides a wider surface area, with a coverage space of 3 square metres, and being utilised in packaging of 300mm wide, and 10m long. This product is predominantly used on the more problematic areas, providing adhesion like no other product.

Above ground, non-crosslinkable visco-elastic sealing compound in a tape form for structural objects.

EZR: roofs

EZTB: tank bottoms



Sealing compound to prevent water ingress at cable/pipe wall penetrations in combination with a mortar, for inside and outside walls. You are able to apply this while water is running through the pipe (problem area), the advanced technology of the product will expand as soon as it comes into contact with any moisture, ensuring maximum protection.

Floor waterproofing

Flooring Solutions

Usage: Light to medium loaded industrial floors​

We are able to solve most of the 'traditional' flooring problems. From your back of house areas, to your more visible areas with higher foot traffic. Our industrial grade epoxy flooring systems are tough and durable, and they come in a variety of colors for your choice. Never failing to provide a professional finish.

Waterproofing filler


Injectable filler to protect permanent flange gaskets & tank chime areas. Giving constant movement without drying or cracking. 

The fillers, ranging in various forms of visco elasticity, ​provide the most durable solution for expansion joints and skylights. These products are developed to expand when coming into contact with water, and in these instances do not allow any form of water ingress or penetration.

High impact shield

High Impact Shield

A shrinkable mechanical shield of HDPE backing for field joints in various widths and tailor-made per joint size.

Hi Shield < 60ºc

Hi Shield HT < 80ºc

Our waterproofing products deal with the following applications...

Gaspipe Casings

For guaranteed corrosion free gas, oil, water transmission and distribution pipelines, underground and above ground flanges and valves, and pipe saddles SEALTAQ is the answer. Our product can be applied for pipeline rehabilitation work, in the shop or even at the jobsite. SA2.5 blasting with a roughness profile of min. 75 microns is NOT required. The systems are simple and easy to apply. The system does not require special primers or adhesive for mechanical fixating the coating. The system does not require curing time, so backfill can be done immediately. Pipes with a diameter ranging from 50mm to in excess of 4.5m can be simply and effectively protected.

Concrete wall penetrations for cables and ducts

  • Uses a primerless system, it is all surface tolerant, and provides a fast and easy application even at low temperatures ( 14 up to 120 F)
  • Direct adhesion on to glass, HDPE, steel, cast iron, concrete, wood, EPDM, gypsum, aluminium, bitumen and rusty substrates-easily and conveniently preventing corrosion of metals.
  • Non- Ageing and very sustainable solutions
  • No hazardous elements and NSF certified ( 100 % Solids Visco elastic Polymer) 
  • 100% Eco friendly waterproofing
  • Can be used as monolithic carrier for several flexible Easy Qote coating systems, depending on specifications
  • Unlimited shelflife- excellent corrosion inhibitors and protection on steel surfaces (Sealtaq Band & Paste)
  • Very low gas- and water vapour permeability 
  • Resilient, sound–damping characteristics 

Electrical Junction boxes, substations above and below ground

  • Can be wrapped around cables to protect from moisture or rain or pooling water
  • Conductive so will not effect the wiring after proofing has taken place

Flooring Epoxy

  •  Require a hard and strong surface to walk and even drive on once waterproofed?
  • We have the solution with our industrial grade epoxy
  • Add even more protection to your waterproofing with our epoxy.

Storage tanks/Water tanks

  •  Can seal and waterproof leaking or corroded storage and water tanks, acting as a natural rust inhibitor
  • Our products will waterproof and protect your leaking skylights and windows. Our paste will give you that one time solution to your problems, acting as a sealant and ensuring corrosion control

Our flooring and waterproofing products are immediately applicable on old and new substrates of concrete, ceramic tiles, wood, steel plates.

The floor can be easily installed. In the shipbuilding, plant and machinery industries among others, in areas such as generator and engine rooms, visco-elastic floors and walls are used under insulation and for corrosion protection, sealing, vibration and sound deadening purposes. A combination of STOPAQ and self-levelling, slip-resistant finishes of polyurethane, polyurea, epoxy or other liquid coatings systems.


  • Ready for use in a few hours
  • Floors can be completely installed in half a day
  • Application possible even at low temperatures
  • Various degrees of anti-skid finishes can be created
  • High durability and abrasion resistance
  • Jointless
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Environmentally safe
  • Suitable for high pressure cleaning
  • Good resistance against acids, alkalines and water
  • Can be immediately applied on old and new substrates of concrete, ceramic tiles, wood.

Areas on which Sealtaq® products can be used effectively to prevent water ingress and corrosion:

  • Roofing
  • Façade’/ Outer wall
  • Flooring
  • Directly onto concrete or plaster before tiling or painting over the product
  • Underneath bathroom tiling
  • Underneath bathroom shower mosaics
  • Window and door frames
  • Connectors & feed through areas
  • Connection between: wall & floor, ceiling & wall, feed through pipes, electrical solutions, doorframes & wall, feed through pipes & electrical solutions, window frames & outer wall

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