Waterproofing products that last a life time

Sealtaq® South Africa, is a Johannesburg based Waterproofing and Corrosion prevention company. Our product has the latest technology, and is unique to the market- with the product being a first in South Africa. Sealtaq SA endeavors to service the greater South African region. We are currently servicing the domestic, residential and industrial waterproofing market, but also infiltrating the product into areas that have not yet been reached. In so bringing the Sealtaq® Waterproofing & Corrosion prevention quality and technology to the forefront of the South African market, with competitive products and excellent service.

Waterproofing products

Our waterproofing products have a 30 YEAR life expectancy! Just ask us how great our guarantee is!

Corrosion protection

Our corrosion protection formula prevents your assets from deteriorating.

Eco friendly

Our products are 100% environmentally friendly and non toxic.

Sealtaq®  is able to assist with a wide range of structural waterproofing applications

Sealtaq® products are unique, cost-effective products intended to be used for a wide range of structural applications where airtightness, water ingress and/or corrosion is a problem. The products are easy to install, offering excellent corrosion preventing properties. The brands offer a variety of products suited for specific problem areas, all of which are water resistant. Due to the product’s liquid nature, it will flow into all irregularities of the substrate once applied. The compounds do not cure and are unable to build up internal stress.

Sealtaq® SA has its origins from Stopaq ® Industries, which is a Dutch based company, and was founded in the early 1970’s.The product range was developed to be the forefront in the Waterproofing & Corrosion prevention industry. Growing leaps and bounds, the International Company is now represented by many subsidiary divisions in each country. Namely, Southern Africa being represented by Sealtaq® South Africa.

Sealtaq® South Africa, which holds the exclusive rights to all products under the various banners, within the Southern African market. As Stopaq ®’s expansion has continued year on year, it’s primary focus has been within the Mining & Industrial sectors. With the massive opportunity of working within the domestic and residential markets open, coupled with the experience of several decades behind the team, Sealtaq® South Africa has been opened for business.

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