Bathroom & Shower Waterproofing

For all your Bathroom and Shower waterproofing needs

​Shower waterproofing solutions

Video on how to stop water mid flow using Sealtaq SA advanced technology

​Video on how we can stop water mid flow using Sealtaq SA advanced waterproofing products

  • Waterproofing the shower floor area
  • Waterproof the shower walls to protect from water and damp
  • Any size or shape shower
  • Tile, mosaic or concrete over the area immediately after application. (There is no need to wait for anything to dry!)
  • Primerless system- for perfect protection from damp rising or wall and floor leakages!

Bathroom waterproofing solutions

  • Protect bathroom pipes from corrosion and leaks
  • Damp proof your bathroom 
  • Paint or tile over areas immediately after application
  • Primerless system
Bathroom and Shower waterproofing

Bathroom and Shower waterproofing

​Sealtaq and its waterproofing products, go beyond where others fail. For more than 20 years Sealtaqs products have been the markets leader in developing new applications for sealing and waterproofing, meeting the most stringent safety and health requirements. From hotel roofs and bathrooms, to pipelines above ground and in the ocean- Sealtaq's solutions can be found making the impossible possible.

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