June 22, 2020

Featured Service Offering: Below Asphalt Waterproofing Services

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Below Asphalt Waterproofing  

Many Asset owners are often faced with the large decision of constructing a world class Retail Outlet, all the while attempting to utilise the most cost effective systems that are available on the South African Market. Unfortunately, cheaper systems are not always the most viable options to look at  for long term savings, as when they reach the end of their lifespan, they can be merciless in the damage that is caused to the overall structure. Often times, more expenditure is then pumped into repairing these damages, costly and lengthy insurance claims, with the overall damages leading to tenant’s pricing reductions, which will ultimately have a ripple effect on the bottom line.

Starting at the very beginning, when we deal with our individual clients, we prefer to explain that it is better to invest in an effective waterproofing system, that can withstand the test of time. When procuring a system that can be applied underneath an Asphalt or Paving system, one must take into consideration the overall inconvenience of a large construction project taking place in a popular parking lot-  how long will my paying customers be displaced? How much of a Health Risk does the material being applied pose to our customers and tenant’s alike? How does the system tolerate temperatures of over a 180 degrees Celsius, and what is the movement on the product long term? Will this system installed be able to move with the Asphalt or paving installed, and will it be able to protect my slab when it cracks? Is the product being installed able to self heal?

All very pertinent questions to ask, but having the right answer to these questions is ultimately the hardest task when procuring an effective waterproofing product, and dealing with a reputable Waterproofing Contractor!

Fortunately, with Sealtaq South Africa’s unique solutions and service offerings, we are not only able to answer and unbundle each of these questions- but we are able to guide our clients  on the most effective long term solutions for all of their waterproofing requirements.

Our exclusive Stopaq Waterproofing material, has a heat variance of between below negative 50 degrees, all the way through to 90 degrees operating temperature. That’s great- but what does that mean?

This means that you can apply the product in not only freezing conditions, but that also means that the product will still have full functionality when it far past a boiling variance- so the Stopaq material will not stop working even when it is fully exposed to the heat of Asphalt being applied directly on top of it.  In fact, in our experience, the Stopaq material works even more effectively with the heat of the Asphalt, because it will then become double sided by adhering to both the concrete slab and the Asphalt mechanical.

The Stopaq material has a massive flexibility tolerance, has the ability to flex and move for it’s entire lifetime, and is incapable of cohesive failure. With the material ever moving and breathing with the substrate, it will not become brittle or tear at any stage and will continue to protect the surface irrespective of the condition of the Asphalt mechanical on topEven if the material incurrs a small damage from a stone in the Aspahlt, or from a paving system, it has the ability to completely selfheal- so much so, that the Stopaq material will settle around the stone. The expected lifetime of the Stopaq material, is over 35 years!

The Stopaq system is unlike any system currently available on the South African market, and is a completely primer – less system. This saves the Asset owner and Maintenance Team invaluable amounts of time and inconvenience, because a system that can be applied efficiently with minimal interference, ultimately saves on labour costs, and has the parking area returned to normal in as short amount of time as possible.

Because the product is 100% Eco-Friendly, there are no additional risks to the construction site, as none of the material requires a heat application. Further more, Sealtaq SA has an in house Safety Team, that encompasses all of the Occupational Health and Safety requirements needed to run a safe and efficient site at all times.

With our full turnkey operation, our industry professionals will have the removal of an existing asphalt or paving slab done quickly, with rubble removal done swiftly and quietly. Thereafter, a clean surface will allow us to apply the Stopaq waterproofing material, and straight after that- the installation of the Asphalt can commence immediately with no lengthy waiting periods or downtime! A large parking area can be completed in a mere matter of months, with handover back to the Asset Owner happening seemingly as fast as it was closed off.

Overall the Sealtaq Asphalt system is completely reliable, with a proven track record of no waterproofing failures, and brilliant service provided to our clients at all times, throughout the process.

Not only are we available for waterproofing projects In Johannesburg, we are able to assist with installations throughout South Africa.

Contact us:

 If you would like some more information or assistance on any of the projects you are working on, please feel free to get in touch with us. We are contactable on info@sealtaq.co.za, and you are welcome to call us for an obligation free consultation on either 0828531257, or 0823393915. In keeping in line with Covid – 19 Lockdown Safety Measures, we are happy to set up Zoom or Skype Meetings in order to consult.


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