June 10, 2020

Featured Service Offering: Specialised Crack Repair

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Many of the industry professionals understand how challenging it can be to find not only a reputable company and contractor to work with, as well as a waterproofing product line that measures up to what it claims- but more so, to find a sustainable solution combining both of those factors to combat an equally challenging and immediate problem!

Fortunately, as Sealtaq South Africa, we are a highly esteemed Waterproofing Contractor, with professional references, that has a team of dedicated Engineers and Technicians, who make it our business to find working solutions for some of the most challenging waterproofing and asset protection problems.

With the basic nature of design for both Concrete and Asphalt slabs, while they do generally allow for some movement and heat fluctuations, the overall result is that you will have hairline cracks, as well as large cracks forming in both. While these cracks differ greatly from expansion joints and general building joints- they prove to be just a problematic for the Asset Owner. Cracks forming in a slab above tenants in a shopping center, for example, can prove disastrous! Often, budgetary allowances do not allow for a full-scale refurbishment of a slab. While this is an absolute necessity, it can be quite pricey for a full-scale refurbishment. (See our specialised services for Asphalt Rejuvenation and Concrete Slab Waterproofing. https://sealtaq.co.za/sealtaq-south-africa-sealing-below-asphalt/ )   

As a result of an urgent need for an immediate crack repair solution, Sealtaq South Africa has exclusively developed a sealant solution that is both functional and long-lasting. Making use of the Stopaq material line to effectively waterproof the crack, and then coating it with a UV stable, high flex mechanical, will resolve an immediate crack repair problem.

Often, our sites have dictated that the actual repair cannot be completed during day time, due to safety concerns for high volumes of traffic and pedestrian interference. As part of our service offering, we are able to work in the evening to prevent any interference in this respect.

And with the crack repair completed, this generally allows sufficient planning time for budgets to allow a full-scale refurbishment, in the event that the slab has been severely affected.

Looking at each site holistically, in certain instances it would not be completely effective to only rely on a crack repair solution- but at all times we communicate our findings to our clients, assisting them in making the best, and most cost-effective decisions, suitable for their site requirements.

Not only are we available for waterproofing projects In Johannesburg, but we are also able to assist with installations throughout South Africa.

Thank you for reading our article! If you would like some more information or assistance on any of the projects you are working on, please feel free to get in touch with us. We are contactable on info@sealtaq.co.za, and you are welcome to call us for an obligation free consultation on either 0828531257, or 0823393915. In keeping in line with COVID – 19 Lockdown Safety Measures, we are happy to set up Zoom or Skype Meetings in order to consult.

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