June 15, 2020

Our featured Service offering for the week: Storm Water Drain Waterproofing

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Storm water drains, responsible for redirecting excessive water run off during our seasonal rain, with water being redirected from gutters, downpipes, roofs, and even paving – but are so often overlooked for effective and critical waterproofing measures.

Sure, most industries don’t think about a potential problem until it is leaking into your home or office, but very candidly, storm water drains can be so effectively water proofed as part of a preventative maintenance course- before they become a full on flooding nightmare!

Something that we so often see in our industry, are the aftereffects of such a flooding example. During peak seasonal raining season, our influx in damages and leaking storm water drains is massive, and most often, these pesky pvc drains are only dealt with once they have caused a tenant’s store to flood. By this stage, the area has experienced massive damage, and any activity comes to a standstill – not to mention how off putting and unsightly it can be for a client’s high volume area to have a host of buckets doing their best to catch dripping pipes. Either which way, for an Asset Owner, a Home Owner or a Business Owner, the potential hazard and risk associated with a wet floor is to be avoided at all costs!

Even in an instance where you have a constant dripping pipe, with long term damage- which can be come evident in as little as a few days- this will most definitely cause persistent structural damages to ceilings, and fixtures below.

Based on years of experience in the Pipeline Industry, our technicians over at Stopaq Southern Africa have formulated an incredible solution, which literally will stop a leaking pipe in it’s tracks.

Seems to good to be true? Not so at all!

In most cases, a plumber is called out to repair any leaking pipes, but with the bitumen based products that are available on the market, they cannot tolerate the pressure  that is caused from the continuous flow of water. Also, using only a PVC material to try and contain the water flow, will simply not do, and it will leak again within a few seconds.

Our system differs in that, combined with years in the Industry, our specialist applicators identify the leak, or leaks on each of the joints along the drain, and then systematically repair them with an industrial grade product line.

When the Stopaq material is applied, we do not rely on only one of our materials to address the leak. Our Stopaq materials are able to adhere onto may surfaces, so a PVC pipe will have guaranteed adhesion with the correct surface preparations.

 Our Stopaq Aqua Stop material- does exactly what it’s name implies, it does not cure, and remains permanently flexible. The compound does not build up internal stresses,  expands when it meets water, it seals immediately and requires no curing time. This layer creates the perfect buffer in between the pipe, with the final coatings of Stopaq Wrapping Band and exterior mechanical wrapping band then applied.

The resulting long-lasting effect will have the flowing water pushed back into the pipe and redirected there after- stopping the leak mid flow.

Ultimately, we explain to our clients that preventative maintenance is always far better to engage in, instead of having to spend large sums to repair the resulting damages caused by a flood, or potential structural damages that could be caused. Rather utilise our once off- cost effective sealant solutions, and roll out with application on critical areas. Entrusting your assets to a reliable waterproofing contractor will have you forget that there was ever a problem in the first place!

Not only are we available for waterproofing projects In Johannesburg, we are able to assist with installations throughout South Africa.

Thank you for reading our article! If you would like some more information or assistance on any of the projects you are working on, please feel free to get in touch with us. We are contactable on info@sealtaq.co.za , and you are welcome to call us for an obligation free consultation on either 0828531257, or 0823393915. In keeping in line with Covid – 19 Lockdown Safety Measures, we are happy to set up Zoom or Skype Meetings in order to consult.


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