May 30, 2020

Professional Waterproofing You Can Trust

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Sealtaq South Africa welcomes you to our website!

If this is the first time you are visiting our site, allow us to give you a short introduction on who we are, and how we contribute to the South African waterproofing community.

We will dive right in!

By explaining who Sealtaq South Africa are, we would need to give you some context into our South African founding company, which is Stopaq Southern Africa.

For over 20 years, Stopaq Southern Africa have been the market leaders in the Oil & Gas sector, providing the South African market a highly stable and anti – corrosive material, with predominant focus on full line pipe coatings and related systems. With their core innovative engineering solutions, Stopaq Southern Africa have been able to provide Anti- Corrosion guarantees in excess of 30 years.

After years of successfully servicing the Oil & Gas sector, with a premium grade Anti-Corrosive material, and a host of other service lines, simultaneously, communicating with their own clients and identifying a gaping void in the market. This gap in the market proved to be the critical lack of effective waterproofing material, with clients spending excessive amounts of finances and resources to procure older technology, ultimately comprising lower grades of bitumen styled, and torch on waterproofing membranes.

Our product line, which is the Stopaq Product Line of Wrapping Bands and material, is sourced from Seal for Life Industries in Holland, and is a one-of-a-kind, award winning product line. Stopaq Materials have beyond proven their capabilities in the Oil & Gas Industries- both locally and internationally. As such, one of the many unique features of the Stopaq Wrapping Band materials, is it’s unique and inert waterproofing capabilities.

Stopaq materials offer an environmentally friendly solution, which is 100% stable, 100% self-healing and 100% adhesion guaranteed. Once applied, this material does not allow any further corrosion to the substrate, and creates a layer between the substrate and the surface that does not allow for any water ingress to pass back to the substrate.

Due to the local market desperate for an effective waterproofing material, that had long life capabilities, and sustainable Eco- Friendly attributes, the Stopaq material was slowly distributed into the Civil and Domestic Residential sector.

With massive success within the market, and an increased demand for a stable and professional service line, Sealtaq South Africa was officially founded in 2015, after years of research and case studies were concluded within the Civil sector. 

Although Sealtaq SA’s sector and industry preference differs to that of Stopaq Southern Africa’s, both companies make use of only the highest grade product line, which is that of Seal For Life’s, Stopaq Visco Elastic Corrosion Prevention & Sealant Technology.

After canvassing the South African market, Sealtaq South Africa’s team approached several of the larger hotels and resorts within the Travel &Tourism Industry, and immediately began with the supply of Stopaq material onto their problem areas. With a budding successful relationship within many hotel groups, Sealtaq was then able to provide materials and services to some very prominent Shopping Centres and Property Groups. All the while gaining momentum and working simultaneously within the domestic and residential market as well.

Sealtaq endeavours to provide a wholistic approach to each Client’s individual needs, and often will draw on our extensive backgrounds, to create a turnkey solution designed to solve the problem. We provide in-depth investigations and assessments, as we believe that it is best served to provide a unique response that fits each problem, and as a result, has seen us teaming up with industry leaders to continuously deliver the best results.

Thank you for reading our article! If you would like some more information or assistance on any of the projects you are working on, please feel free to get in touch with us. We are contactable on , and you are welcome to call us for an obligation free consultation on either 0828531257, or 0823393915. In keeping in line with Covid – 19 Lockdown Safety Measures, we are happy to set up Zoom or Skype Meetings in order to consult.


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