June 29, 2020

Service of the week: Gutter Relining & Waterproofing

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An often very overlooked category that forms an essential part of a structure, is a soundly waterproofed gutter and affiliated down pipe.

With our roofing experience, when assessing corrugated roofs and their related systems, we often find that the emphasis of the waterproofing is applied to merely to the corrugated sheets, and the gutter is somewhat applied separately and without much thought

When closely examined, the conventional waterproofing methods, that with time, have very little cohesive success. Although there are many torch on systems that are available on the market within South Africa, very few of them contain the UV tolerance and resistance that’s required for the extremely harsh weather conditions found in South Africa. Many alternative products cannot cope with the UV conditions, and this results in the material become brittle and eventually failing.

When selecting the correct product that is ultimately chosen for a gutter application, a factor that should be taken into consideration should be it’s ability to conform to temperatures over 40 degrees Celsius in summer, and further more, freezing conditions in winter. 

 Also a very important factor to consider when choosing the correct material for application to a gutter, is most certainly how easily the product can be applied in hard to reach areas. Many products on the market cannot conform to different shapes, and often gutters are extremely narrow and tricky to reach into. A general rule of application, is that if the material is not coated onto the surface, seemingly obviously, it will not have any waterproofing efficacy.

A typical example of failed waterproofing material on a gutter, where water ingress is trapped beneath the material, cohesive failure is present and elements will further contribute to corrosion.

Furthermore, understanding the chosen material’s ability to stretch and move with the building as it constantly contracts and expands as heat rises and drops. Most materials cannot make the grade, and will stretch to their capacity, and ultimately tear away from the substrate, causing a complete cohesive failure. If the chosen material tears, it will most certainly allow for water entrapment and water ingress.

Sealtaq South Africa has spent many years formulating an effective Gutter Waterproofing and relining system, that proves as effective as a standalone system when it is not attached to a corrugated sheet, and works just as well when attached as a part of a full roofing system.

Many waterproofing contractors will opt for the cheapest system that is available on the market, without researching all of the factors that make for an effective and long term solution. Because Sealtaq South Africa does not utilise any form of torch on material, we are able to stand by our stringent guarantee policies.

Fortunately, with Sealtaq South Africa’s system in place, the service offering guarantees that the material being utilised for application, is made for steel and metal applications! The Stopaq material can boast an impressive Anti-Corrosion solution, that will not allow the substrate to further corrode once the material is applied.

 The Stopaq material has an incredible heat resistance and is more than capable of handling intense weather conditions, without the nature of the visco-elastic material ever changing it’s form. The material has the ability to keep moving and flexing with the constant contractions and expansions of a building, without tearing. Once the material is applied to the substrate, it becomes impenetrable to water ingress.

Further more, the material cannot experience any cohesive failure, if the relevant application preparations are met prior to application. With the products being distributed in various roll sizes, it can be easily cut and moulded to the required shape,  and has very limited restrictions when attempting to apply into a narrow gutter or hard to reach area. Additionally, there is no requirement for any type of torch or heating, because the product is simply applied directly from the roll.

With a cost effective and long lasting solution, with an excellent track record of application instances, we sincerely believe that the Sealtaq Solution is the way of the future for gutter relining and water proofing.

Not only are we available for waterproofing projects In Johannesburg, we are able to assist with installations throughout South Africa.

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