Who we Support

Kitty & Puppy haven

For many years, the Team at Sealtaq South Africa have been donating to the Kitty & Puppy Haven. They are a ‘no-kill’ shelter, and advocate re-homing animals into loving environments. They are Sealtaq’s first choice for animal welfare. Keep an eye out for the July 2020 Winter Drive, and feel free to engage with us if you would like to get involved!


Several of our projects have been completed under the Sun International banner, with many such projects being completed at Sun City Resort, which is based in the North West Province. Subsequently, really reviewing the area and realizing that we can assist the local community, and with lockdown affecting so many lives, we believe that it is the most opportune time to give back. While engaging with Mount Sera Primary and Pre- Primary School, we realized that they had unfortunately been victims of vandalization and looting during lockdown. Sealtaq South Africa will be assisting Mount Sera during this very challenging time, by donating much needed resources and children’s physical education equipment.

Although Sealtaq South Africa is an avid supporter of many NPO’s, these are our primary featured charities. If however you are aware of an NPO that is in need, kindly email us with the details so that we may review for any future considerations.