Roof Waterproofing

Before, during and after

Video on Completed roof

​Sealtaq SA provides the latest technology in Waterproofing for Roofs


Self Healing Waterproofing video

​Sealtaq SA are able to help with the following roof waterproofing problems:

  • ​Roof waterproofing
  • Shower and bathroom waterproofing
  • Cracks on roofs, walls and floors which are leaking
  • Expansion joints (our product breathes and allows movement with the building)
  • Gutter leaks
  • Leaking Skylights
  • Cable/pipe connection sealants
  • Corrosion protection
  • Roof drains and holes

​More info about our products

  • Sealtaq's products are perfect for leaking sky lights and leaking roofs
  • The only requirement would be to clean off the surface area, and then to simply apply the product
  • Once applied, it can be painted or tiled over immediately- so no down time, or waiting for the product to be cured, primed or to have it dry)
  • The product is NON-aging, never changes form, and never dries or cracks
  • Excellent anti corrosion protection on any roof - flat, concrete or corrugated
  • Primerless system
  • It will not release any smoke or toxic gasses in the event of a fire- as it is Eco Friendly
  • Resilient, sound damping characteristics
  • The product is self healing - If small tears occur the product will 'grow" itself back together
  • Direct adhesion on to glass, HDPE, steel, cast iron, concrete, wood, EPDM, gypsum, aluminium, bitumen and rusty substrates
  • Fast and easy application even at low temperatures (-40 degrees)
  • Life expectancy of OVER 30 YEARS!!

Sealtaq has moved from the industrial industry into the retail industry. We have a very strict code we adhere to on every job that we complete! Certainly no half jobs or half measures, and no need to have us returning! In saying that we have such high standards that we maintain- and aim to never return once an application has been completed correctly- and your valuable assets would have been protected by the best, and installed by the best! 

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