Sealtaq South Africa Sealing below Asphalt

Sealtaq South Africa Sealing below Asphalt: Project entailing the sealing of a concrete parking lot, below a asphalt resurfacing project

Sealtaq South Africa’s products are able to withstand large variances of heat, from negative 60 degrees all the way through to 90 degrees, with some of our other product lines able to withstand even higher temperatures. Due to the product’s natural temperature working range, it has the ability to completely withstand the heat generated from the Asphalt, and will not be compromised in any way shape or form.

The product has the ability to flex and move for it’s lifetime, it is therefore the ideal product to be applied in tricky places that need the application to be done correctly the first time, sealed perfectly, and not to be revisited. The product requires very low maintenance, and this is a key factor when determining the correct range for application under a costly surface mechanical. The self healing capabilities of the Stopaq product, are also a huge factor when selecting our range, as the product will heal and maintain itself for it’s life span, and will thereafter prevent any further costs to the site.

Sealtaq South Africa Sealing below Tar
Sealtaq South Africa, sealing a concrete parking lot.


Sealtaq South Africa Sealing below Tar
Sealtaq South Africa Sealing below asphalt overview

Due to the product’s heat variance and tolerance, applying tar directly onto the sealant , will provide long term assurances.  Once our product has been applied, and the hot asphalt is placed on top of the material, because of the pressure applied, the Sealtaq product will have even better adhesion to the surface! Sealtaq’s product ranges are the best choice for anyone looking to invest in their assets, want a product that lasts, without having to be reapplied every few years.

Sealtaq South Africa Sealing below Tar
Sealtaq South Africa’s applications are impenetrable once the the correct application technique is complete.