Corrosion Protection and Waterproofing Products

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Roof corrosion protection

Sealtaq® SA provides Water Proofing and Corrosion Protection services on all buildings and structures, including but not limited to- houses, complexes and any form of residential dwelling or building. The product has direct adhesion onto non-greasy glass, pvc, steel, cast iron, concrete, wood, gypsum, aluminium, bitumen, rusty substrates and therefore provides corrosion resistance to many surfaces. (For best results- ensure that the areas are thoroughly cleaned, and free from dust and dirt particles.) Therefore, the product is versatile, and can be used within a newly developed building, or an older structure under renovation.

Roof Waterproofing

​Shower and Bathroom Waterproofing

​Floor waterproofing and protection

Our promise to you...

  • Guaranteed competitive pricing on all quotes provided
  • The product offers a long term performance, and has a life expectancy of 50 years, it is non-ageing and self-healing, therefore it is not affected negatively by the harsh South African climate
  • Only one correct application from authorised installers is needed- thereafter, ensuring the area has been effectively waterproofed
  • As the products are easily applied to any surface, the products use a primerless system, and this saves on labour costs- therefore, saving you money on an application
  • The product can be painted over immediately- zero downtime
  • Completely environmentally friendly, no health and safety hazards to humans
  • Easy to control during application- can be moulded and fitted onto various types of irregular shaped objects
Corrosion protection band

Areas on which Sealtaq® products can be used effectively to prevent water ingress and corrosion:

  • Roofing
  • Façade’/ Outer wall
  • Flooring
  • Directly onto concrete or plaster before tiling or painting over the product
  • Underneath bathroom tiling
  • Underneath bathroom shower mosaics
  • Window and door frames
  • Connectors & feed through areas
  • Connection between: wall & floor, ceiling & wall, feed through pipes, electrical solutions, doorframes & wall, , window frames & outer walls

We provide products and services in the following areas:

  • Johannesburg
  • Capetown
  • Pretoria
  • KZN
  • Rustenburg
    • ... and many other locations across South Africa.

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