Why use Sealtaq SA Waterproofing



Here is a list of why you should use Sealtaq SA Waterproofing at your business or home:

  • Sealtaq products have a life expectancy of OVER 30 years 
  • The product is self healing (See video)
Self Healing Video

Self Healing Waterproofing Video

  • The product is ageless and will continue to breathe and move with the surface even 30 years later (No cracking)
  • Little or no downtime. As soon as the product has been applied you are able to Paint, Tile, add brick or even pour concrete over it immediately. This stops loss of revenue and also the hassle of waiting.
  • Our product is 100% Eco friendly. It contains ZERO toxins. So it is perfect for fish tanks and flower beds and planters.
  • It has no ignition point, which means it will not burn. The product is fire retarded
  • Industrial grade quality product is able to withstand Acid water, Lime scale and other corrosive chemicals.
  • It is a primer-less product, so no preparation is needed other than a clean surface to apply the product too.
Sealtaq Waterproofing

Completed Waterproofing seaction

  • No open flames or gas are needed, which makes it a safe product to use even when applying it near clients, customers or sensitive equipment.
  • Works as a sound dampener
  • The product adheres to multiple surfaces- therefore no confusion- our range of products can be used for different problem areas. One range can be applied to any surface. The product can be shaped and molded into any form- preventing strange angles and ugly edges. (Also guaranteeing that there is no chance of failure.) It is perfect to use in areas where it is visible and customers can see it.
  • The product works effortlessly in temperatures ranging from Negative 40 degree Celsius, all the way through to the high 90 degrees Celsius.
  • Our products are used to protect gas and petrol pipelines- where nothing but the best can be used in order to protect the pipes, and their contents form contamination. 
  • Our products are so robust, that they are used to protect pipes and even bridge foundation, from the corrosive power of the ocean.

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